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First post.....Always wanted a ZT I know resales are awful but liked them for so long. Anyway got a ZT 190 excellent all round, so much car for £690 but alloys letting it down, badly corroded. Anyone had their's refurbed? How much did you pay?


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Welcome to the forums and well done on getting the ZT,

The cost of getting your wheels done depends where about's in the country you are, I'm based in Kent and around here the recommended shops seem to charge around the £50/£60 per wheel mark, some of the guys in the midlands have found a place that only charge £20ish per wheel.

Look forward to see a few pictures of the car.

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Yes, the local one to us is City powder coating.

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I bought a new set of BK alloys and still have to refurbish my spoked 16" because of the kerbing hazards I have had a system called alloygators fitted essentially its a tough nylon which fits on the alloy rims and protects them from effects of kerbing !!! they also supply a keyfob which has a cutter you can use to smooth out any damage to the nylon inserts they come in nine colours mine are black on anthracite alloys and not that obvious and I am a lot happier knowing my wheels are protected

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