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hi to all

has anyone used the following Rover 75 Tourer 2.0 CDTi 131hp Diesel Air Con DIY Gas Refill Regas Aircon Kit that is for sale on ebay

all the best david

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To be frank, I wouldn't trust a refill kit. An independent air con specialist would do the job properly, extracting and disposing of the old gas and oil, vacuuming the system then leak testing before refilling with precisely the correct amount of gas and oil, as well as checking the function of the system.

I'd also be concerned that the product you mention seems not to mention the oil required :(

The chap I use comes to my house and does the whole job for £35 and I only have it done every two years :)

Just a thought :)

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thanks for the info

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Yep, get a professional to do it - as Paul says you will have it done correctly with the correct amont of oil - far cheaper than risking a compressor failure due to lack of oil.

However, do check the air con / steering pump pipe. When I had a previous 75 recharged it pulled a vacuum OK but then leaked. The two pipes were rubbing together and had worn a hole in the air con pipe. When a vacuum was pulled the steering pipe effectively blocked the hole but when pressurised allowed the gas to escape.

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