Air con and Fans by rovexCDTI

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Is it right that my cooling fan kicks into high speed mode within a few minutes of running (with air-con on). It doesnt seem to matter if its travelling at speed or not.

The car is a facelift model that had a 3 speed out of the factory, but now has a 2 speed with gold resistor.

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You will probably find that the fan is running at it's lower speed, equivalent to medium speed on the old 3 speeder. High speed it will sound like a small jet aircraft.

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It does! Its like high was on my 420 GSI turbo, louder than the engine by miles.

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Hi Christian.
It maybe that one of the relays is playing up or the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) board sometimes the wire I the control box needs swapping over from grey to red, when did you change the fan from 3 speed to 2 speed

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So you are saying the aircon brings the rad fan on slow speed for a short while and then the fan switches up to high speed?
If so it may be the condensor isn't cooling the r134a sufficiently. If the a/c contents are not cooled enough the pressure rises in the system this then activates the trinary switch to induce extra cooling to the system by moving the fan on to the next speed.
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