Additional electrical feeds from fuseboard by bertie

Just a quick and neat (IMO) way of connecting into the fusebox. This may be elsewhere but I couldn't find it in all my searches!!!
I used this to power Mr. Raistlins (and Chris') FBH (Fuel burning heater.)/climate control.
On my interior fuse board there were several vacant slots, as I'm sure most of you have.........unless of course you've got a super 'blinged and pimped' car with every possible/conceivable accessory fitted and even then there are a couple of spares.
Some of the spare slots have +ve feed (permanent or switched) to one side with the other vacant (where power is provided for the accessory but wiring not installed to it because the accessory its not fitted).
Use your meter or bulb and wire to find what is available.
Solder up one side of the mini fuse you're using and then plug in.
You'll have to keep the solder neat and flat to allow the fuse prong to enter the vacant side. I filed my solder down.
Obviously ensure the wired prong goes in the 'vacant' slot thereby utilising the fuse.
There you have a neat fused power supply.

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Posted 31 Oct 2011, 10:19 #1