A massive thank you to by tcable

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Takestock, Stubie and Jules, all of who helped me no end with my broken fan

Takestock did a fantastic write up of what to do for me, and helped me when i hit a small hiccup
Stubie sold me the fan motor, and didnt mind when i got impatient and asked where it was on the day it arrived,thank you Stubie
And Jules sent me some advice and, more importantly, came up with the resistor mod in the first place

This club has some great members on it

And for anybody thinking about changing there fan themselves, it took me 2 hours and i have never done it before, i cant believe how easy it was

And if you replace your diesel intercooler rings at the same time, for goodness sake make sure you put the 10mm bolt back on the pipe, i forgot and the black smoke that came out of the car when the pipe popped back out scared me witless, i thought i had blown the engine up.....what a plonker

Again, a huge thank you guys

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Shame really, Was trying to talk the wife into a trip down south ;)

Glad your sorted matey :)
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