A Lucky Escape by Chartermark

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Stayed in Norwich overnight, up early to a attend a meeting, Thursday morning with Aviva. The car had been left overnight in a multi storey. Got to car, all well no scratches, dings etc.

Started, went to reverse out, heard a pop, upon inspection discovered, a front off-side flat. Contacted AutoNational recovery, (annual sub). They were there within the hour. Wheel off - and wow!

Suspension spring had shattered, and shot through the tyre, as I'd driven the car back into the bay, the errant coil had circum-skewered the tyre, opening it up like a tin of beans!

Temporary (slim fit) spare was applied, car onto a trailer, then off to the workshops.

Finally at around 6pm, I'd had both front springs replaced and a new 224/45/17 fitted. Cost £383, (not including recovery).

I was however left with a strange feeling of elation. I'm off Sunday on a 550 mile return journey via the M1 and M6.

The thoughts of what may had transpired, with the suspension collapse and tyre blow out at speed left me drained.

Apparently you can't ever really know when these catastrophe's are about to happen.

However it has since occurred to me that as my 75's a diesel, do they have a 'heavier loading' because of engine weight?

I've had 2 x Unipart UGCGRS475730 fitted - and hope their adequate for the job?

However I feel succinctly very lucky tonight!

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Posted 05 Nov 2010, 01:49 #1 

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Good lord, lucky escape, broken front springs are not uncommon on many marques, there is a spring protector kit available for the 75 from rimmers, around £12 to buy and an hours labout to fit. Protects the tyre should the same ever happen again.
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Posted 05 Nov 2010, 07:09 #2 

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Holy moly!

You were indeed lucky Martin.

One of my rear springs snapped some time ago but the re was no drama. Those protection kits are worth their weight in gold I'd say.

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Glad to hear it was no more serious than emptying of wallet.

Posted 05 Nov 2010, 10:42 #4 

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Having driven many miles I would only fit oem springs.
Cheaper copies just don't last I've found.
The diesel does indeed require a different one for I presume the weight and torque?

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Posted 05 Nov 2010, 13:41 #5 

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It is unfortunately all too common, and not just on 75s.

For some reason, they always seem to fail at low speed, or even when parked up.

Had three broken springs on my saloon and one rear was broken twice, one on the tourer even with only 40k. An Audi A3 I had also suffered two broken springs, under almost identical circumstances, and I've talked to people with the same personal experience on Vauxhalls and Citroens.

To prevent any risk whatsoever, the spring protector kits should be fitted, even now you have new springs.

Posted 05 Nov 2010, 14:38 #6 

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I Rung Rimmers this morning, under a tenner each side!

Why oh why did they not fit them at Rover upon production? Interestingly Rimmers didn't have rear coil protectors listed - do they exist?

Also they couldn't tell me if the Unipart version (Unipart UGCGRS475730) fitted yesterday was specifically for the diesel? I presume they are, as the car would probably handle/feel different (which it doesn't). Interestingly the steering does feel lighter, when manoeuvring for parking etc.

Mine was registered December the 15th 2004 - but only covered 372 miles until I bought it at auction in June '06. Probably if it were in the hands of a dealer at the time of any recall, apathy denied action - considering the denouement within the network during this period!

Alternatively the MG/Rover administrator was unaware/disinterested and likewise the fault was not remedied. Anyway, as soon as I get them, they're going on straight away!

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Posted 05 Nov 2010, 16:03 #7 

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Rears don't need them so don't worry.

My guess (and it is personal opinion, not based on any kind of knowledge) regarding the front's is that they believed they had modified the springs (process, material, finish) to prevent it from happening.Therefore they believed it wasn't required on later cars with 'improved' springs.

We (owners) are finding now, this is not the case, but too late for a recall campaign.

My V reg Cowley saloon had them, my 04 plate tourer did not, so they were fitted very soon after buying (Thanks Dave).

Posted 05 Nov 2010, 17:08 #8 

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Duncan wrote:Rears don't need them so don't worry.

Thanks Duncan,

Yes, it makes sense to believe an upgraded spring would help. Our roads are dreadful, (many of them unadopted) - somewhat similar to many of the retards that camp here, in tertiary analysis I suppose?

Five years ago I bought the Kremlin (wife) a new Citroen C3. Wihin it's first 10 months, both front SPRINGS decided to collapse overnight. After replacement I sold it instantly.

With the current parlous state of our National capital, I sometimes think an ex Soviet half track might be a good investment, especially as one of my wifes relatives sells them very cheaply in Minsk - 'Ochin Horashaw' as they say over there!

Posted 05 Nov 2010, 18:03 #9