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mark d3
http://www.the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/s ... hp?t=62044 thats a lot of moderators 8 ? :wales: how many do we have on here?

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Hi Mark,
This was pointed out last night and we come to the agreement that it'll take 8 to replace us ;)

Only Joking,

I wish them all the best in there new roles and i am here if any of them want to talk.

Posted 07 Jun 2010, 19:53 #2 

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Probably so that if they kick four out, they still have four left...... :gmc:


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Posted 07 Jun 2010, 20:47 #3 

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Seems to be a mod post race going on, new broom and all that. Anything like my broom the head falls off after about a week! :)
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Posted 07 Jun 2010, 21:22 #4 

There are currently 11 green memebrs logged in.. It's just like when I got made redundant last year.

I was the only person doing my job and they employed 3 people in india to do it cheaper.
Does this look familiar?

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Posted 08 Jun 2010, 20:13 #5 

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If you haven't found a job, I hope you do very soon.

Unfortunately it is also costly for employers in the UK to employ people here due to the Taxers and Regulations they have brought in,
not only do they have to pay all their normal taxes and high % NI for workers, they are now having to cover ridiculous amounts of leave and other paid time off for pregnancies etc,
for small firms this can be very harmful.

Right returning to thread, sorry getting carried away there.

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Posted 08 Jun 2010, 22:35 #6 

zojosc wrote:Seems to be a mod post race going on, new broom and all that. Anything like my broom the head falls off after about a week! :)

quite, im sensing a great deal of :spam: over the next few month. i can be safe in the knowledge that most of my posts have been of some use on the other side, here is a different story :mrgreen: , but isnt that generally the point of this site, to be a usefull sorce of information while retaining the social aspect the other site lacks?
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