A little bit of info for changing the alternator by PaulT

Carried the change out yesterday. The 'How to' is good but did not detail actually getting out the old alternator...

Tried taking it out the side where the arch liner fits but not quite enough room. By pushing the a/c compressor over toward the gearbox it comes out easily.

Struggled to get the plug out of the alternator with it fully bolted up. Removed the top bolt and then thought silly me far easier if it is swung away from the engine.

Putting it back fitted the two bottom bolts so that it would swivel, connected the electrics and then tried so swing it back into the correct position but it would not as the top fixing was slightly fouling the mounting bracket. There was no room to persuade it so I removed the bottom bolt near the pulley swung it in to position and then fitted the two bolts.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 26 Jul 2011, 07:13 #1