A compliment perhaps? by raistlin

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Last week I was in Court and during the lunch break I decided to do a bit of research on an old case of mine.

As I was about to leave the archives room I heard voices just outside the door, one of which I immediately recognised as an advocate we see very often in Court.

Through the slight gap in the doorway, I saw the other individual and recognised her by sight as a defendant who is 'well known to the Court'

They were discussing her case which was due to be heard after lunch.

The defendant inquired as to the members of the Bench. The advocate replied with three names, one of which was mine. He further specified that I was the chairman.

The defendant replied " Oh well, I might as well plead guilty if that fat, ugly, miserable ba$tard is up there"

The advocate said that she shouldn't plead guilty if she wasn't. She then said "Why bother? He doesn't believe a word I say"

The advocate said "Madam, Mr. ****** doesn't believe a word I say either... and I'm an advocate"

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 01 Oct 2010, 18:45 #1 

That doesnt give me confidence for my own situation :shock: :shock: :( :( :D

Posted 01 Oct 2010, 19:10 #2 

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I was going to say that I didn't think you were that miserable....then I thought perhaps I'd better not. Yeah, I know, :gmc:
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Posted 01 Oct 2010, 20:02 #3 

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raistlin wrote: if that fat, ugly, miserable ba$tard is up there

Did somebody call?

Posted 01 Oct 2010, 20:15 #4 

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'Course....what she really meant but didn't have a sufficiently developed vocabulary to say, was that Paul has 'presence'. :D

Posted 01 Oct 2010, 20:23 #5 

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Oooo Paul has presents everybody :D
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Posted 01 Oct 2010, 20:33 #6 

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takestock wrote:Oooo Paul has presents everybody :D

Don't tell me.....he is really Father Christmas.. :shock:

Posted 01 Oct 2010, 20:56 #7 

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Somebody mention mince pies? :D

Well Paul, your reputation obviously precedes you ;) PS: I don't think you're that miserable.... You havent seen me at work! :lol:

Posted 02 Oct 2010, 12:04 #8 

Sorry but what´s your point :confused:

I would think/and hope that most part of people brought before the courts were guilty. Otherwise there is a serious problem :shock:

If this person is a regular -customer- and the brief usually makes is money by trying to get these -regulars- off then I would hope that you were extra vigilant in getting to the truth of the matter. From the comments they have given I would say that you are in the right job :mrgreen:

Posted 03 Oct 2010, 06:45 #9