a chap I know has a 1.8t connie for sale by Grossebaby

Talking to a guy I know quite well, he has had his 75 for a long while but is selling her now, I said I would mention it on here to see if there might be any interest.

I only know a little but it goes as follows

03 connie (not sure if se)
A little over 80k miles
Blue metallic a dark one, with electric leather heated memory seats in blue.
Had head gasket done and a turbo (think gasket is mls but would need to check receipt)
On a Private Plate at present so that would need to come off.

Now the guy is up in Halifax but is originally from London and used to run his own chaufeur business, Rolls, Bentley, Vanden Plas Princess(so a long time ago). He says his 75 is the nicest car to ride in he has had.

He says offers around £1750, I can get contact details if anyone is interested. But don't let him near your missus!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you want shut of course.

Posted 28 Sep 2010, 18:09 #1