A big THANK YOU all by bertie

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A big thank you to these forums, those who run/administer them and all the contributors.

Thanks to you all I have found, bought, serviced, repaired and upgraded my Rover 75 CDT 'facelift' Connie SE, Tempest Grey (really X-Power grey!!) and 88K on the clock.

I have used all three of the forums and they have proved an invaluable source of advice, help, information and inspiration.

I originally bought a Haynes manual but I’ve hardly opened it!, probably just as well from what I've gleaned from you lot!

Specific thanks to:

Raistlin (and Chris from think tank electronics for the control and remote stuff for my FBH (Fuel burning heater.)).

Jules for all his stuff including fan resistor and plenum shield

Arctic for some brill' how to's and pictures.

There are too many of you to thank individually

But thanks to all of you on the various forums which are absolutely fantastic and I'm sure without them we would all be paying much more to maintain our beauties.

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And all free...:D. Well, here it is anyways..:D

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