75s as a towcar. by Duncan

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I can vouch for the 75 as a towcar, in case anyone had doubted it.

We picked up our new shed on Friday, and took it out to Fakenham for the long weekend.

We have the 135 diesel with the auto box. It seemed to be less stressed if I selected S rather than E as it didn't keep dropping in and out of torque converter lockup at around the 50 MPH mark on single carrigeways but at 60 it was great in E.

Most importantly, after around 5 hours travel, I wasn't feeling tired or stressed, and I had been able to maintain good progress to avoid significantly holding up other drivers.

All in all, a good weekend, and my first away in too many years.

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What sort of fuel consumption Duncan?

Curiously, we were in Cromer last weekend :)

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V6 sort of consumption. 26 MPG. Ouch.

New themostat needed!

Was on Cromer pier yesterday, one of my favourite places in Britain

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Not sure if you have a "Ron" box or remap, but when fitted found can tow maximum permitted weight in "E" mode without it changing down. That is on the mountain and country roads of Wales.
My fuel consumption towing was between 26 - 34 MPG at my leisurely way of driving.

Over this B/H the Police and some MOT dept were pulling up caravans for weight checks, many failed according to local news due to the weight with the stuff loaded into vans. Awnings, tinned foodstuffs, water and Gas on top of clothes etc soon took them over max weight some had to unhitch, others had to call for assistance.

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What is the weight of your shed?

I've towed a trailer rated at 1560kg down to SW France a couple of times with a 116 manual and each time I must have been near the max weight. Towed well and returned 30+ mpg and was not really dawdling.

Looking to change the car soon to an auto diesel and looking at a van of 1600kg (the max towing weight of the 75)

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