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Seems ok?

Posted 14 Aug 2012, 08:34 #81 

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Yup, 'twas indeed down (for about 20 minutes, if that :D )

"Sort of" my fault.....

I was adding a modification ("Auto Mod") which allows you to add other modifications more easily. Except it didn't and messed the place up for the first time since we launched, which is very annoying when you consider that I have done dozens of other mods, all coded by hand, and not one of those has caused an issue.....

Posted 14 Aug 2012, 10:50 #82 

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Borg Warner
I'm back on.

Phew got me worried.

Posted 14 Aug 2012, 23:05 #83 

I cant join it, I dont have a car, :(, so no vin number or number plate

Posted 06 Jun 2013, 00:00 #84 

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Hi Heather

I see you got round it and have joined now!

For anyone else in the same boat, just put something like "no car at present" in the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) box, leave the numberplate one blank, and let car details default to what's in the box. Then we can create a profile/account for you, leaving the car details empty! :D

Posted 06 Jun 2013, 12:47 #85 

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Tourerfogey wrote:So we now have:


The good doctor's 'Company' site

the Community

BBM's site

The new Zeb,Raistlin,Jake site - presumably there are more forums than the 2 you can see if you haven't registered?

...and I've heard whisper of a Scottish based breakaway from the Company' site

Oh, and there's also the 260's site

Isn't this all getting a little silly :confused:

Also, I can't see any mention of the 'new' site over on the good Doctor's company site - is there any reason for this? :lol:

BBM's site is all Rover and MG, not just ZT and 75 btw
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Posted 01 Jul 2013, 18:19 #86