75 or a ZT ? by rhylbloke

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just wondering whether I'm wrong not to consider a ZT when I do get another car, just because I've seen some comments that the ride is much firmer in a ZT than a 75. As I've never driven one, I'm not really able to compare. For example, we travel three or four times per year in the 75 up to Cumbria to see our son, about 3 hours, mostly on the M6. Would that sort of journey seem radically different in, say, a diesel ZT with larger wheels and low profile tyres ?

Posted 12 Mar 2011, 17:53 #1 

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To be honest, on motorway trips you won't really notice that much difference in the ride between the 75 and the ZT. The seats on the 75 are bit more padded though. I drive my ZT from Kent up to Warrington (230 miles) a couple of times every year, and I never feel achy or sore when I get there.

It's on the more twisty roads where you'll find the ZT handles better, but you feel all the bumps. In the 75 you won't feel the bumps, but the handling (body roll in particular) will be worse. So it's a trade off between ride and handling.

A ZT will cost you more to buy than an equivalent 75, and will have less equipment. But it will hold its value better as well. I expect insurance will be a little more for a ZT.

So, it really comes down to personal preference. I love the look of the ZT, and the fact that they tend to have stronger colours (the 75s are mostly paler colours, more understated). I'm not a fan of walnut, and the ZT has none, but the 75 lots. Chrome is also more prevalent on the 75s.

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In addition to above you tend to get more road noise on the ZT than the 75 but this is due to the wheel size and depends on how good the roads and choice of tyres.
An earlier ZT will have the sports suspension which is firmer than the later ones unles it was selected as an option.

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Why not go half way and get a contempary. 75 ride with MG style insides and no walnut and as I own one they are nice and the sports seats are very good.

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