75 Front seat leather covers, foam & heating elements by x10rich

Anyone interested in some 75 leather front seat covers in cream? pretty much a1 condition, no scuffs, splits, etc (the drivers seat cover looks a slightly different shade to the back - but that may just be age, its only picky old me who noticed)

Comes still attached to the foam bases (with heating elements in)

You could just strip them and use the elements to upgrade a lesser spec car (I could even provide you with a loom to attach them to the exsisting car wiring - if its there

if there is interest ill take some pictures

£45 ono the lot, pick up only

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May be interested if they are as you say, so good. My drivers seat is slightly worn and I have a nick on the rear seat.

Where abouts are you?

Posted 09 Jun 2010, 12:29 #2 

Im in oxfordshire - Ill go over them with a fine tooth combe (not really looked at them too much as I purchased them for the motors and wiring) and take some pictures for you

Its just the fronts, no rears though,

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Are these the ones that were on ebay the other day?

if so the driver seat had been re-coloured hence the mismatch
Does this look familiar?

Continuing to support the 75 community wherever they may be

Posted 10 Jun 2010, 20:00 #4 

Yes - These were on ebay, but I purchased them for the electric seat components for my ZT retro fit (after I purchased some ZT electric frames & covers, but without all the bits!)

The passengers seat is, as I see it perfect, as it came out from Cowley/Longbridge.

There is a slight colour difference on the drivers seat, the recover is very good quality - but in certain lights, you can see the colur change. The back cover has a small split at the bottom, that had been repaired, but hardly notices

However, the elements are all present and correct - so ideal if you want a set of 75 heating elements for a retro fit.

Because of the small damage and mis-colour, ill take £40 or make me an offer. Ill post pictures tomorrow

Posted 10 Jun 2010, 22:19 #5 

Here are some (very badly taken on my phone - sorry camera battery was dead) pictures.


The colour change and quality of the drivers seat in the last picture are not as bad in real light, as they look under flash. The passengers site really is A1

Posted 11 Jun 2010, 07:59 #6 

I have put these on ebay, as individual items, in case anyone was put off having to buy the set, if you only want one!

See them all here:-

http://shop.ebay.co.uk/x10rich/m.html?_ ... ksid=p4340

Posted 25 Jun 2010, 10:17 #7