7" Windows CE 5.0 tablet PC with Wifi and and GPS (SOLD) by CDTi

I bought this device a few weeks back for a WinCE project that I have now completed. I am moving onto an Android tablet so I need to sell this.

Here is the device on ebay with lots of info and pics: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/7-Inch-bluetooth-car-GPS-SAT-NAV-WIFI-touchscreen-HD-/320533331801?pt=UK_AudioTVElectronics_GPSSystems_GPSSystems&hash=item4aa1467f59#ht_5623wt_911

I will add more pics tomorrow of my actual unit but its the same as the eBay unit except mine has no Bluetooth.

At a Glance...

Direct Windows operating environment access
7 inch touchscreen display!
800 x 480 screen resolution
2GB SD Card
Runs most GPS software and maps
Handles most popular video and audio formats
PDF eBook reader
1GB internal flash

Can be used for web browsing, checking email etc etc. Includes Powerpoint, Word and Excel viewers.

The 2Gb card includes 3 functioning sat nav programs i.e.

- iGo8
- Primo
- Tomtom

Accessories included:

- Windscreen holder
- Car charger
- Mains charger

Price is £75 plus £10 insured postage. Payment via Paypal.

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fleabay link seems dead. Is it sold already?

Posted 19 Sep 2010, 20:50 #2 

Thanks for pointing that out, Duncan. Link now fixed :)

Posted 19 Sep 2010, 21:02 #3 

Now sold.

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