3Kw generator by Duncan

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It's not quite ready for sale, but in case anyone was wanting one, bear me in mind.

I bought a 3kW generator (not 3kVA, proper 3kW) a while ago for supporting the Nanomeets. In spite of getting a demo that it worked, it turned out the alternator part was faulty, so I ended up buying a new alternator (the part that makes the mains) and my genny works great.

During my progress of getting it sorted I bought another couple of gennies for a good price which gave me a couple of spare engines, and alternators that still didn't give me 240v, so I ended up buying a new alternator for mine. That worked fine and attended all the 2012 Nanos.

I spent a bit of time and found aout what was wrong with the alternator on the one I'd replaced, and it turned out a diode had gone. This has now been repaced with an equivalent, so today I bolted it on to one of the spare engines and it works fine, at last.

So, I need to move it on. Honda GX240 engine, Meccalte alternator with a brand new capacitor and diodes in the rotor. The engine is low hours having been used on a fusion welder for welding plastic pipes. The alternator has worked hard but there aren't really wear points.

The engine is good but the fuel tank has taken a beating in the past but is completely fuel tight. I might even get chance to replace it for a much better one before sale. It's not ready to sell yet as I will do an oil and air filter change, plus I have to properly sort the connections for 240 and 110.

It's a heavy beast so when it's ready will be cash on collection / delivery, subject to agreement. I'll post some photos when I get it finished. If you are interested, let me know but I'll be coming back with a price as soon as I have it ready to go.

Bear in mind it's a unit similar to this:
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-2Kva-FULL-H ... 5d3ad48046
Only quite a lot more powerful.

It will probaly end up on scambay, but if anyone round here was thinking of buying something like this I'm sure we could do a far better deal!

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