2011 Northern Ireland Event - Saturday 4th February by Colin_NI

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Ok folks, im going to organise another NI event in February, why not sooner? Christmas is coming and everyones broke January!

Last two have been quite good, but I want to build on the success of it and get something that everyone can really enjoy!

Im thinking Saturday the 5th for the date, last two events have been on Sundays so this will allow people who didnt come (be it family, church, football even) the opportunity as a few people have since said they would have preferred a opportunity.

As for what plans well ive been giving this some thought. February isnt the warmest month, but then again, what is over here, so I thought what if a bunch of us MG and Rover fans where to go go-karting? Not limiting any specific car, (eg 75/ZS etc, anything Rover or MG of origins).

Ive done it three times before, and whilst im totally crap, was great fun! Now im looking suggestions on the location, but ive had two excellent experiences here on both their indoor and outdoor circuit, and must admit, the indoor one is very frantic and fun but nothing anyone cant do! The outdoor one is totally flat sadly.


Just outside of Ballymena, extremely easy to get too from anywhere in NI (its on the main and newly improved Ballymena Dual Carriageway which is a direct link from the M2).

So how about it folks? Would there be GENUINE interest in this one? I know there are other karting areas, but ive known a lot of people who have used it, and its a very good beginners track the indoor, but you can start to do some great track times when you get the lines and the Grand Prix is AWESOME fun.

People would maybe have to pay a deposit to me in advance (eg via pay pal or whatever, id prefer pay pal as then everyone can have a record of what they payed me for).

Please folks, if theres GENUINE interest in this one, let me know as ive no issues organising it! I might even buy some tiny plastic trophies for awards like ''best overall lap of the day'' ''roadrager'' ''I didnt think you'd squeeze into the kart fat boy'' and ''best crash/bump''

Come on folks, lets make this one special!

EDIT - Please note ive also a regional group on facebook should anyone wish to contact me via that, or do some general networking and also keep all the meet photos online there also.

http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=147988158548390 - Rover and MG Car Owners Northern Ireland, not a club, just some general networking! :)
Facebook events page for NI/ROI owners -http://www.facebook.com/#%21/group.php?gid=147988158548390

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