2002 rover 75 CDT club SE Tourer by arniebova

"This is my first" Hi, Can anyone help? Car recently purchased.
Central locking problem...
All the doors were locked using key fob, had the rear window open and was working on the rear wiper motor "problem finding" decided to pull the emergency door catch wire to see if it worked! (forgot doors were locked) "It Did" and set the alarm off, used key in the drivers door lock to stop the alarm, it did, But! the key fob will not activate the central locking now! "Frustrated" Can anyone advise if the Key Fob can be reset?
Have asked Dealers...Rover & BMW, etc. in Inverness for advise...No response.
Have tried twice with 3 doors locked, drivers door unlocked turning the lock to rear and holding Fob button 4 seconds...no use...also have disconnected battery for 30mins...still no use.
Have also tried...Key in ignition with switched on, pressing both fob buttons and holding for 4 flashes within 15 seconds...
Locking with Key,sometimes the horn gives a hoot!
Any advise appreciated!!! Thanks.

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Try activating/deactiating central locking from switches on centre consul (next to handbrake). Do this from drivers seat with all doors closed. Had this problem on my ZT-T and it worked.

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Have tried this, unfortunately! didn't work. Many thanks anyway.
Appreciate any help from any one in my area (Invergordon)

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