2002 CDT Connoiseur AutoTourer -Needs Work! by eigenmode

After a UBP failure a few days ago, and fitting a new one, I can't get the car to go. It starts after the UBP primes, but stops once the fuel has run out of the pump. It will need the in tank pump as well I believe. Therefore I have decided to sell it.
Rather than put it up on Ebay I thought that forum members might like first refusal.
Usual Conny spec, with FIVE Union Alloys & space saver. 188000 miles. MOT until 13th August, 2012. Has got the FBH (Fuel burning heater.), cubby hole covers, an Alpine CD changer (not fitted). Boot Undertray & extras still there, new jacking point rubbers, etc.

I need to dispose of this car, as I am looking at getting a later Contemporary Tourer to replace it, and can not keep it in its' current location.

The car is in Liverpool, at the end of the M62, and would need to be trailered away unless you are a very mobile mechanic.

First £500 gets it.

You can email me at:


or phone me on 0151 733 3856


Posted 25 Nov 2011, 17:23 #1