1999 sales brochure, specifications & guide & price **SOLD** by Bolin


1999 Rover 75 UK sales brochure with specification guide, colour guide and price list

A4 sales brochure from 1999, publication no. 5647 - this was the second edition of the sales brochure with some errors from the first edition corrected and updated.

It is 40 pages long, with a double page centre fold-out section, and the pages inside the front and rear covers are made from something akin to tracing paper, which looks very classy.

It gives comprehensive details about the car along with many photographs.

This brochure is much larger, longer and simply 'posher' than the sales brochures which followed (cost cutting!).

Included in the set are the specifications guide entitled 'Design your own Rover 75' (pub. no. 5646, 16 pages) and a 'Colour Guide' (pub. no. 5645, 4 pages), both of which are slightly smaller and fit in a pocket in the inside back cover of the main brochure.

The specifications guide details all the then current features of each trim level, optional extras and technical details along with dimensions, mpg and performance figures. The colour shows the palette of colours that were available at the time.

Also included is the matching price list, effective from 1st October 1999 (pub. no. 5702, 6 pages) which gives full pricing details and the list of all optional extras available at the time, A5 size.

All in good condition, a few small creases here and there but nothing much.




£10 delivered, RM first class.


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