16" Union alloy wheel x2 - ideal as a spare **ALL SOLD** by Bolin


These are my remaining original Union alloy wheels that my car had fitted when I bought it.

Ideal as a full sized spare - much better than a spacesaver which limits you to 50mph or a can of goo that won't help if you dent a rim over a pothole.

They are used, so do have the usual markings, some of which have been touched in - some kerbing, small stonechips etc. The top one has a couple of patches where the paint has been touched up plus a patch of flaking, and the bottom one has a small ding which I only noticed after the tyre was removed, and a bit of kerbing. However, they do look reasonably good. :) An alloy wheel cleaner product may remove the remaining black tar spots, brake dust etc.


I have better quality photos, those above have been scaled down in size. If you would like to see the full resolution photos, please PM me with your email address and I will email them to you. :)

£25 each

I can send these by 3-5 day courier for £7.80 (so £32.80 in total) or they can be collected from north east Hampshire/Fleet services on the M3.

Payment by cash, Paypal, cheque or bank transfer.


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I would be interested in at least one, if you don't sell them. I purchased two a couple of years ago, to replace my space-saver and to enable two to be shod with winter tyres. I would just keep yours for spares if nobody else wants them. We sometimes come down to Swindon and Surrey, when I could collect them. PM me if, or when, you have to get rid of them.


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Thanks Roverite. I'm really wanting to sell these though, and don't have to get rid of them soon (although the space would be welcome). Hopefully I'll get some takers once I have looked at courier costs.

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Two left.

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Just a bump for these, anybody need a spare Union alloy? ;)

Edit: **ALL SOLD**

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