1.8 spares Cheap! by Zeb

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Car being taken away shortly so useful bits removed...

Alternator - good working order £35 +PP.

Reinforced oil rail (recommended when doing a HGF (Head Gasket Failure) repair)- As new. Fitted but engine never started up! £25 +PP.

Torpedo badges 1.8 - good condition £10.00 inc PP.

Spark plug coil set (or whatever they are called!) £25 inc PP

Complete fuel injection set up - good working order £125 + PP

Refurbished cylinder head - yes the one that now has bent inlet valves thanks to my stupidity :( -
Needs new inlet valves but comes with cams and cam cover etc. £50.00 + delivery.

Gearbox (65k miles) is available but buyer to remove prior to car's removal. £95.00

Posted 13 Sep 2010, 12:48 #1