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I have found a set of Goodyear Ultragrip 8s for my wife's PT cruiser for £350 ish for the set. However, Kwik Fit want £75.74p for fitment and, at the end of the winter, they will not replace them with the summer tyres again because the summer tyres a) will not be new tyres and b) will not have been supplied by them! Which seems to fly in the face of their 'we will fit new winter tyres for you, store your summer ones and refit them in the spring' campaign....for which they want £650 for a set of Dunlops....I am minded to buy a second set of sheels and find somewhere cheaper to fit the Goodyear's....anyone resolved this one for themselves this year or last?

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Have always had the local motorsave in Lincoln do any fitting and balancing as they're quite cheap IIRC. These are with tyres that I get off of the bay. Alternatively, try

that's where all ours have come from. Our back up is Bush tyres in Horncastle as they're always a helpful bunch!

Kwik Fit - Satan's service outlet IMO

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I used blackcircles, and they arranged fitting for me. I got four winters (195/55 15) and two standards (205/65 15) fitted for a fraction over 400. OK they are budget tyres, but the winters seem just as soft and with the right design as any other winters.

I bought extra wheels, and in fact found alloys cheaper than steels. I got a set of contours for the 75 for £100 off someone on one of the forums, and a set of alloys for my 45 on fleabay, for 40 notes including two almost new, if budget, tyres. So the best four of 8 went on the car, the next best on the spare, and the other four replaced by winters.

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I bought a cheap set of alloys off ebay for my winters. Much easier to swap wheels than to change tyres. The wheels cost me £75 for 5 and Event Tyres fitted 5 Avon Ice Touring tyres for around £350, so I have a full size spare as well.

If all else the instructions.

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Generally a local tyre shop will provide a much better and more flexible service than the majority of KF centres

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I had a set of scruffy Crowns in my garage, left over from my previous 75, and fitted Goodyear Ultra grip 7's to them.

The Goodyears are fantastic by the way Zeb.
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My local tyre shop will store your summer tyres for free if you buy a new set of winter ones off them.
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