Windows 7 being naughty with my NAS by ceedy

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I've had problems accessing my ZyXel NAS221 with Win 7 for some time, and cannot seem to crack the problem .

My small wired Network has 1 Win 7 PC , one XP PC, a wifi Router, 6 port Switch and a old Laser jet printer networked through the NAS USB

Win 7 PC , XP PC ,The router and the Switch have Gigabit LAN's ports.

The NAS holds 2 x 1.5tb drives in a raid Mirror.

Just using windows explorer through Xp the access to everything NAS is almost instantaneous and seems perfectly ok.

But do the same through win 7, everything just seems to stop .. explorer windows just freeze for many seconds , or report "Not responding".

System will hang for a while then windows gives a number of Loud Beeps and all the windows clicked on will suddenly all open .
then it will freeze again. eventually access will then work for a while .but freezes regularly.

This happens even with a brand new win 7 install .

What really miffs me is our win 7 laptop access to the NAS and printer is perfect running through the Routers Wifi and the same Gigabit switch!

Has anyone got any clue where to look , its would seem to be a win 7 LAN issue ?? but why if XP and the Laptop run so well ??

Have used Win 7 Standard Lan Drivers and also the one from the makers site .. but no change still useless.

Typing all this on the Win 7 PC so the LAN must be ok ..
as the broadband performance is excellent ?

I also used a LAN networked DVD player for AVI movies/Photo/Music through a Powerline type
plug setup and this works ok too ?.

any help greatly appreciated

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