What is a T4 by Mad-Monkey

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kandyman wrote:The T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) Diagnostic System allows the use of proven TestBookâ„¢ diagnostic software while providing increased functionality and reliability.
T4 provides compliance with the latest OBD (On Board Diagnostics)-II and EU3 emissions standards, and comes complete with the T4 Hand Held Tester (scan tool) and Docking Station. Additional Hand Held Testers can be easily added to the system, and provide a portable solution to many diagnostic needs.
Based around the latest laptop PC technology, T4 has been designed for ease of use with both TestBookâ„¢ diagnostic software and RAVE Technical Information.
A new, high quality T4 rollaround cabinet houses both the printer and VOM / VCSI electronics, while a lockable cover protects the laptop itself from damage. Generous CD and cable storage is also provided. Two wall-mounted cabinets are also provided to hold cables and adapte

Info taken from http://www.Omitec.com

That trolley is a horrendous price IIRC, I can get the entire system minus printer, in two laptop bags. Far more portable and better to store it. There was a handheld jobby as well which accompanied the T4, perhaps it was the T4lite.

Question, anyone with the T4 know if I install Adobe Acrobat I could print diagnostic reports straight to PDF then to USB sticks. Not sure if I can muster the energy to try it.

The T4 now boots to XP and then runs the RDS software so I can switch between them. The RDS software by default takes over the system, which is rather annoying. Especially as I can not see a reason for this.

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