Unions For Sale 16" Fit 75 & MG SOLD by Arctic

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I have a nice set of four Unions for sale these come with the wheel center's either in the 75 badge or the MG badge, all the pics below work from keft to right as i detail them, i have these for sale as i have recently purchased some other wheels.

The Wheels will make a good main set or as a second set for the winter up to you the buyer check the pics out.


Two Wheels have just about legal tread with 2mm on them pic 2 below.

These two have good tread with 5mm across the tyre.pic 3

The pics below are of the wheels close up. pic 4 shows a little scuff on the first wheel which is a 2mm tread one this is the only one with a mark like this.

Pic 5 the other 2mm wheel

Pic 6 is the first of the 5mm tread wheels

Pic 7 the other 5mm tread wheel

The 2mm wheels together pics 8/9


The two 5mm tread wheels together pis 10/11


Pic 12 shows all four wheels together.

Close up of the scuffed wheels pic 13

Close up of the tread with 2mm pic 14

Close up of the 5mm tread wheels pic 15

All the tyres are Avon ZZ3 215/55/ZR16 93W and can be purchsed with the MG centre badges of Rover 75 badges. pick up only unless you want to sort out your own courier or suggest one but the cost must be added to the price of the wheels which is £120.

If these have not sold after a week i will seperate them and the prices would be £30 each for the 2mm and £40 each for the 5mm plus courier costs.

I am also willing to bring to the next Nano at the Four Ashes Wolves if necessary but payment must be up front, anyone wishing to buy can PM me for my address and phone number.

Last pic is with the Rover badges pic 16

Advertised else where to so dont be slow.

Thanks for looking any questions please and to thread or PM me,

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I thought these were supposed to be popular :confused:

Posted 24 Jun 2011, 12:27 #2 

Only when someone is selling them to you.

Seriously, they look in good condition but sorry, not for me.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


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Provisionally Sold. (LET DOWN)

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The wheels are back on the market and for sale but please only say you will buy if you intend to go through with the deal, dont waste my time or your own.

As stated these wheels are above average condition only one wheels as a scuff, thank you for looking Arctic.

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Now if they were Serpents...............
Good luck with your sale.

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

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JohnDotCom wrote:Now if they were Serpents...............
Good luck with your sale.

Hi Thanks
Ahhh if they were Serpents i think i could have sold 20 sets at that price by now ;) :thumbsup:

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zt rob
I dont think there a bad looking wheel actually they look good on the 75, good luck with the sale steve

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Hi Robbie.
cheers yer nice wheel got let down by one chap, but have a wolves person interested now.

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Thanks to all whom looked and were interested in the wheels they are now SOLD :-D Arctic

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