Ultrasonic Alarm Upgrade by phenonix

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Does anyone have any experience with the above upgrade?
I.e.parts needed, loom etc, i understand it also needs a T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) session

Posted 29 Nov 2010, 06:54 #1 

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bit of a bump just in case, although i've never seen this mod mentioned before i'm hoping it can be done ;)

Posted 30 Nov 2010, 07:38 #2 

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Apparently it can be done, and I'm planning to do it, one day.

On my Cowley car the wiring isn't there. Not sure about the facelift.

It will need a T4 to switch on the feature, though not sure if this is a dealer option or needs a more low level code fiddle.

If you are getting the sensor unit, make sure you get the metal frame as well. The unit out of R400 / R45 / ZS seems the same but with a different coloured casing.

Posted 30 Nov 2010, 07:55 #3 

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I'm getting this one, what do you think?
also i have a 2001, pre facelift

http://www.the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/s ... hp?t=73194

Posted 30 Nov 2010, 08:15 #4 

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just checked an old thread by yourself Duncan on t'other side, looks like you have been thinking about it ;)

http://www.the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/s ... hp?t=40349

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