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There are two books by the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, in their Historical Series, which cover very interesting periods in 'Rover' history. One is called "Vikings At Waterloo", which deals with their Wartime work on Gas Turbines (Jet engines) and puts right many of the myths associated with their association with Whittle and Rolls-Royce. The other, called "Pistons to Blades", deals with their Gas Turbine work after WWII, which resulted in extensive car and industrial uses and benefits to the Rover Company, including the first jet road car and the two entries at Le Mans in the 1960s. They are excellent reading.

They are available from the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust at Moor Lane, PO Box 31, Derby, DE24 8BJ, although I ordered them from my local small independent book shop, one being just under £10 and one about £12. There are some used copies on E-bay, but they are much more expensive.

Vikings at Waterloo is by David S Brooks and is No 22 in the series.
ISBN 1 872922 08 2

Pistons to Blades is by Mark C S Barnard and is No 34 in the series.
ISBN 1 872922 23 6

I have been trying to upload a scan of the two covers, but it states that the file is too big. I will keep working on it.


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