Turn by PaulT

left for the bleed the motorist to death toll road
right for the let's screw the motorist toll road
or go straight ahead for the squeeze the motorist as much as possible toll road

and let's put up fuel and VED as much as we can.

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Doesn't apply to Ministerial Cars, or privileged/official Olympic/National sporting event traffic. Even LGO vehicles have it paid for by taxpayers.

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From another Article : (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/new ... meron.html)

“At the same time a legal obligation to introduce better, quicker and more reliable motorway maintenance could be placed on the new owners of these roads.”

So what happens is this.

They sell the Roads, The new owners are left with a huge repair bill, because lets face it, teh Motorways are as smooth as lumpy custard in a freezer. Then the new Private owners need to recoup their costs, so they whack us with huge and stupid costing Tolls. Just like the M6 Toll Road - £5.80 to drive your car a few miles.

The article also claimed that these Toll Roads would result in a Fuel Duty decrease, hmm. We all know thats poppycock, the Gov't isn't going to release its stranglehold that easily on its billions of easy income :(

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