Trick Or Treat? by Dave

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Bearing in mind that I'm typing this on 17th October.....

Doorbell just rang (at around 19:10). Dogs go bananas, as per usual, and I think "not going to answer that as it'll just be someone selling something". Then I think "Hang on a minute. It's dark, late and Sunday. Must be one of the neighbours"

So out I go, to be met with "Trick Or Treat!"

"Goodness" says I (or something similar) "Is it that time of year already?"

So inside I traipse, get the choccy bar box and take it out for them to choose from

It's only when I get back inside that I think to myself "Hang on a minute? Isn't this a bit previous?!"

To be fair, they seemed like decent, sweet little kids and they had their dad waiting behind them on the street, so they weren't opportunist louts. But I'd have loved to have not been wrong-footed and thus able to ask why they were doing this about two weeks early!

Perhaps they'll be away on the "real" TOT night and didn't want to miss out?!

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The local evening newspaper around here is very anti T or T and publishes a "Not trick or treaters please" poster for you to put in the window but this is a little bit early isn't it?

The trick or treaters in this neck of the woods are about 25, with shaking hands and snuffling noses. Their make-up is good though... they look just like Michael Jackson's mates in the thriller video. Come to think of it, they always look like that ;)

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To be fair the Trick or Treaters have to start a bit early or they are in the queue behind the Carol Singers! :shock:
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Yet another unwelcome Americanisation..............

You could say to them, when you open the door, 'excellant some guys to put on the bonfire................'

Posted 18 Oct 2010, 13:33 #4 

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Good point! What happened to "Penny for the Guy" btw?

As said, didn't mind as they seemed like decent kids, but just wondering why two whole weeks early!

Posted 18 Oct 2010, 16:12 #5 

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As my family is mostly American, we always have a jack 'o' lantern made out of a pumpkin on the doorstep and a selection of sweets to give out. But we only ever do that on the night and generally it's young children with their parents that come round. It's all in good fun and someone has to dispel the notion that all British are miserable. ;)
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