This is getting silly by takestock

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Photobucket = Tossers


Posted 24 Aug 2011, 19:15 #1 

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mark d3
this is unbelievable it totally devalues our cars

Posted 24 Aug 2011, 19:24 #2 

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Obviously some bargains to be had.

The fact is, that particular 75 is now 10 years old, and most people these days can afford and want something newer. The age is, I think, also somewhat exagerated by the fact that the car has an old style reg plate with a 'Y' year marker rather than the newer style two letter, two number, three letter system that we are now all familiar with.

This also explains why a certain other club now seems to be full of boy racers with MG ZTs - they are affordable to the younger generation and readily available.*

* please note - I am not 'knocking' another club on this forum - just expressing an observation ;)

Posted 24 Aug 2011, 20:40 #3 

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I'm a born again boy racer over here. 8-)
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Posted 25 Aug 2011, 09:23 #4 

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That particular car is on the Devon Cornish border, so it's MPG will be abnormaly low, and the locals are aware of that. They also know no one is going to travel far to see the car coz the roads down there are horrible innit... :(

Same car in the midlands would make a lot more money....

Posted 26 Aug 2011, 00:18 #5