rover 2.5 v6 throttle body with cruise and traction control by RRobson

as per title, a 2.5 v6 throttle body complete with cruise actuator and traction control butterfly and sensor. in good condition, usefull if someone wants to fit traction control or cruise control. i will get a picture up asap.

£40 inc p+p
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Injector removal tool
Auto gearbox pressure test tool
Vis tester

Posted 30 Mar 2011, 23:56 #1 

Does this include the Traction Control Actuator??

Posted 17 May 2011, 12:07 #2 

I know its along time since tjhis post but do you know where i can get or do you have a TCS Actuator for Rover 75 ?

Posted 08 Jan 2012, 02:26 #3