Reverse Gear Issue by sewerman

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Hi a bit of advice please

In May last year (about 10,000 miles ago) the clutch failed, classic slave cylinder leaked. The RAC recommended garage did the work (clutch plate and slave cylinder don't know the make) they said that the DMF had play in it out of spec but it was up to me if I changed it, at an extra £450 I decided to risk it!

Everything fine but over the past few days reverse gear has been difficult feels like its in but grating gear noise, after 2-3 tries it goes in and all is well, also 1st seams a little clunky and biting point seems low.

So after a bit of research causes could be - failed release bearing if this is the cause could the failure to change the DMF be a cause of premature bearing failure?

or clutch needs bleeding which is OK but no signs of fluid around the pedal so were is it going? slave cylinder starting to fail again?

or something else?

Cars a 2.0 CDT.

Just after some advice before I call the garage as glass half empty me don't want to be fobbed off with a new clutch and DMF or a bleed and hope it lasts for 8 weeks so its out of warranty

Scott .
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Posted 04 Apr 2016, 20:03 #1 

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A good friend on mine has changed literally dozens of clutches, perhaps hundreds. He has only ever seen one possibly two flywheels out of spec when measured correctly. The fact you are struggling to get into 1st and reverse is a lack of travel of the slave cylinder. The problem will almost certainly be hydraulic so slave or master. Bleeding the system may offer some reprieve from your problem.
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Posted 05 Apr 2016, 10:34 #2 

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Thanks Dave gives me a bit more confidence when I call them.

As the original system was sealed for life if it needs bleeding and no signs of leaks at he master is it likely the slave is failing? assuming no leaks on the system between the 2?
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Posted 05 Apr 2016, 18:10 #3 

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Could be the master cylinder if it wasn't replaced at the time of the clutch repair.
A slightly worn seal could be allowing a bit of reverse flow of the clutch fluid.
Apparently the seals in the master cylinder, if old, can start to break up and release tiny specks of rubber that can catch on the main seal and allow slight blow past.
This can make engaging the gears a bit difficult.

Posted 08 Apr 2016, 20:17 #4 

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Thanks for the replies it's booked in Wednesday so will see what they say
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Posted 08 Apr 2016, 21:19 #5