Proud new owner of a ZT by rhylbloke

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Just thought that I would post a few pics ( fingers crossed ) of my new car. I had a series of posts on here several weeks ago on the subject of getting rid of the manifold rattle on my 75 V6, and I'd like to thak everybody who offered advice, particularly Dave and Reece. I never did actually get rid of the rattle ( well, I did in a sense, as it now belongs to Jules from Colwyn Bay, and I bought this very nice diesel ZT from him ) Took it for a good run yesterday and was very impressed with the smooth and quiet ride. Washed and polished it this morning and managed to get these pics before the seagulls targeted it ( anyone who lives within a couple of miles of a coastal town will empathise, I'm sure ) There are a few little stone chips which I will work on getting rid of, and the alloys need a bit of refurbishment - are these alloys ( see pic ) ones which you can get a standard touch up paint for ?

P.S. what is the small circular blank to the left of the front number plate ? half of the paint has peeled off it.



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Long may it give you good service.

The wheels are painted in Silver Sparkle . Code MNH

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looks very nice, glad to hear your enjoying your new purchase :)

the little circle is the towing eye cover. you may be able to find a different one in the same colour but is only plastic and comes off easy. without taking it to a body shop, i dont know if youd get a good match. a can of ptouch up paint may be ok? ive used them before with varying degrees of sucsess (didnt quite match my brg 75, but matches my silver focus)
alloys can be done easy enough, plenty of places so no worry about them.

looking very clean anyway, no doubt you will look after it ;)
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Looks super smart :)

As for seagulls, I'm not far from the coast here and I've just finished washing the Tourer - I'm sure the damn seagulls are now planning their bombing formation as I type . . .

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