New Facelift headlights by Zeeblum

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Just incase there are those out there wondering what to do when their headlights give up the ghost, as mine recently have.

I have spent hours trying to find reasonably priced, good condition, pairs of projector facelift headlights only to conclude that its a bit of a gamble. In the event you are purchasing some nicely refurbished sparkly headlights they will have lost there uv resistance and are likely to need regular maintenance. I have been offered the uv service but know that the plastic that holds the bulbs has become brittle and don't feel its worth the cost.

Powerful-uk-ltd are selling new LHD units at £245.00 which I had not considered until realising that the originals have a lever that flattens the pattern for use over seas. I am yet to hear back from them as to weather their units have this lever, but I have confirmed with my local MOT centre that a flat pattern will pass an mot. After some time on the phone, the chap had read through all current legislation and there was nothing to direct him to fail a flat pattern.

I'll update when I get an answer back from them.

Posted 14 Apr 2015, 23:38 #1 

Do bear in mind that flat beams means less visibility for the driver - I do half my driving in the UK and half in France and am very glad when I am back in the UK (RHD car) and can set them back.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 15 Apr 2015, 17:39 #2 

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Yes, I see.
I am at a loss to know what to do.
The plastic that holds the bulbs is deteriorating in each of my lights, obviously any seconds I buy will be just as aged.
The only other solution is to buy a new pair of headlights (LHD) take them apart and swap the innards. Quite some effort!

Posted 21 Apr 2015, 00:30 #3 

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We visited X-Part at the weekend and were shown new facelift units in all variants except HID (High Intensity Discharge). I'm not sure if they are available yet.
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Posted 21 Apr 2015, 07:03 #4 

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Thanks Bernard, I'll check X-Part out. Fingers crossed they'll be available. :)

Posted 26 Apr 2015, 02:07 #5 

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UPDATE - Powerful-uk-ltd have confirmed that their lights do NOT have the facility to flatten the beam pattern. Nor do they have good stock of the LHD units.

Posted 26 Apr 2015, 02:11 #6