Lumber Support - replace. by AdamSki

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When I bought the 75, the lumber support was broken & I needed it what with having an occasional bad back. The most time consuming task was assessing a new part. I eventually went through VW in Preston. I wanted a boot storage box anyway which they sourced. I also mentioned the support. After a little fishing around, they gave me the tele. no of a motor factors in the west country around £35. I could probably dig out their no. if anyone needs it. The next task which I'd previously become aware of was the back board on the seat. It is held in place with a series of plastic clips. Now, unless there's a tool in the world designed for this particular part of the job, then this too will need to be replaced; I couldn't find a way of releasing the clips without snapping them - they clip to the INSIDE of the seat frame. I ended up buying a complete seat from a breaker's yard around £35. I dismantled the seat - which almost broke my heart - so I could release the clips from the inside. Go online & there are back board available from some salvage yards that do mail order. This would be fine as long as all the clips are sound - you don't want it looking shabby. You'll also need an Allan key to undo the screws that holds the adjusment knob in place on the side of the seat.. Attaching the support to the steel wires behind the seat foam is childs play so even I found it easy. DON'T put the back board in place till the very end. The Allan key I mentioned - this of course needs to be a snug fit. A good long one would be best. Also a magnetic one would make the job a whole lot easier. This is because your threading the Allan screw through a relatively small slot in the foam, so every time you brush against something, the Allan sqrew is lible to fall into the inside of the seat. back board back on!

Posted 26 May 2016, 14:59 #1