Legal advice needed by Gate Keeper

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Gate Keeper
On Monday the V6 failed its MOT on corrosion to one of its sills and poor quality welding. The sill had a hole in it from rust around a rear jacking point. The hole had been plated and welded by the garage and painted over with Waxoyl. I asked them to do this to get the car through its MOT and to stop the rust spreading. The MOT tester showed how he was able to push a coat hanger wire through the holes caused by the welder burning all the way through.

Everything else on the car is fine with no advisories on anything else.

Do I have any redress against the garage who carried out the work? As you all know, the car has to be retested within 10 days. I have already been back to the garage and met with its owners. Given them a rollicking and arranged to have proper welding done on both sills with bigger plates and not from tins of spam or a Half a Job Harry special deal.
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Bermudan 75
Don't think you need any legal advice, you seem to have the matter well in hand. Hope you get total satisfaction from the garage.

(I am assuming the garage who did the original work is the one who is putting things right).



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Gate Keeper
I will take a step back and calm down. Thanks Mike for helping me to see things as they are and for looking at the problem. The garage said they know what happened and will do what ever they can to get the car through. If the car fails again , is that the end of the car?

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If (and only if) the garage knew and agreed to weld up the car to MOT standards then the onus is upon them (the garage) to get the work passed by the MOT station. The car can be re-tested (with the appropriate fee) at any time and the MOT will be legal for a further year from that date. You can arrange a new MOT anytime and be legal to drive the car to the MOT station provided it is booked in and you are on the way to or from the test.

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