Genuine OEM 75 KV6 catalytic converter **OBTAINED** by Bolin


Hello all

Can anybody please help me find a Genuine OEM complete catalytic converter front pipe section for a 75 KV6? :)

Must be from a Rover 75, NOT from a MG ZT as they are listed as being different (I don't know what the difference is but I don't want to find out the hard way!).

Must be either a WCJ101020 or WCJ000390 or WCJ000391 - NOT a poorer quality SLP-suffixed part.

Preferably New Old Stock (although I cannot pay the Rimmers SLP prices) or excellent secondhand used condition - there MUST NOT be any significant rust or any movement of the catalysts at all.

If used, MUST be cut where MGR state or further down the pipe - the official cut point is 624mm to the rear of the centre of the rear bank flange front bolt hole (hope that makes sense!).

If you can help, then please let me know :) :hail:

Regards, Bolin.


Posted 13 Jan 2016, 00:13 #1