Driver's side door lock solenoid. by Zeb

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It'll lock but not unlock....does it need replacing or just fiddling with?

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It needs replacing. There is an advertisier on eBay who if they still have them charge £30-£35 each.

Apparently there is a plastic gear wheel inside that goes. I shall be changing mine next week, as well as the rear n/s, and I shall take it apart for find out exactly what it is that goes and see if it is possible to get hold of replacement gears as I assume they will be standard items and not specially designed for the 75.

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I believe they are not standard, similar to the VIS (Variable Intake System) motor problems of replacements at a decent cost.

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I had this problem with mine, but have found that over time it has remedied itself. Is yours getting much use at the moment Carl? I think it was just down to the car having not been used regularly, and now that it is there is no problem.

Always seems to be passenger side rear and driver's door that are affected.
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I couldn't see a way to service them. The one I took apart had to be destroyed to open it up. I hope you spot something, Paul, as it's a very common issue.

It wasn't a gear problem on mine: sometimes it would work sometimes not. Usuaually if not used for a while it would stiop. Operate it a few times and it would work fine for a while, failing again when not used. Drivers side rear on mine. The replacement (second hand) has now started to do the same!

From what I saw, it seemed like contamination of the motor with grease from the gears.

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The nylon gear wheels and cams inside these locking units are simply not strong enough - another example of cheap parts being used to build a so called quality car! The door units are not servicable though I did manage to take the one on the Tourer's tailgate apart and replace the broken nylon cam with one I cut and filed from a piece of aluminium - has worked fine ever since!.

As for the doors you'll obviously need to remove the door card so expect to break some of the retaining clips and have some spares standing by. In the centre of each door card there is also a large spring clip which breaks very easily if you are not careful.

To get the units out from the doors you have to remove the three screws on the door shut face and disconnect the linkages inside - very fiddly - there is also a short connecting rod (about an inch long) which is just a push fit between the back of the door handle and the locking unit - this will disappear into the depths of the door shell :D Removal is also easier if you detach the vertical window runner and push it to one side.

Have fun!!

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Think I will carry on using the key......:D

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