Door Card - Passenger Side Rear - Blue by Mad-Monkey

I realise this is going to be like asking for the winning lottery numbers, but mine is now damaged :cry: The cloth area is ripped and so is the leather. I could probably replace the cloth no probs but getting a match to the others would be impossible I feel.

Anyone have one?? Or could people look out for one?? The interior was the best part of my car :cry:

As a last resort, I could do four new door cards in blue alcantara, but at £100 a metre for the closest match I'd need to sell a kidney.

Many Thanks

edit. Can people like this actually do a good job?

Posted 06 Sep 2010, 06:27 #1 

Seems they are still available at xpart. Is this the correct part number for the passenger rear? It lists them as LH and RH but I'm not sure which one I'd need if I wanted to order one - ELB003320JHP

Door card saving fund now started :cry:

Posted 06 Sep 2010, 07:22 #2