Classic car thread by Fille

I think the "forum idiot" thread was one of the best threads on the other side so I will try to start a similar thread here.

I had an "idiot" moment a couple of weeks back when I was trying to find out why my Marina TC has such a roary exhaust note:

(My son is not choking on the fumes)
I knew the exhaust was broken somewhere near the rear silencer. However there was a leak up front as well and I thought the exhaust selaing rings might be leaking. Well they wrre, sort of, the pin bolts connecting the exhaust manifold to the downpipe had broken and only two out of six bolts actually held the system together...

New parts colleted now, should try to get it fixed soon - or at least in time for the first Marina Meet in Finland.
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Cranston will no doubt find this thread before too long and be posting up all the old jallopies he finds for sale. ;)

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