Auto box reverse clucth piston no cracks, but visual damages by joel antonio

joel antonio
Greetings gurus and non-gurus friends!!!:

First of all, I will like to thank all of you for this wonderful thread and the incredible "how to guides". All the problems and fixes done by myself on my 2001 Tourer KV6 2.5 auto, have been guided by this forum. .

Well, several weeks ago my Jatco autobox begin to do harsh gear change only from 2nd. to 3rd. and only on slow accelerations, Up-hills and during down-hills when breaking. Other gears and reverse just fine. After reading many threads regarding Jatco JF506E on solenoids and reverse piston crack similar symptoms.

I did my step-by-step check:
First; the oil change. Oil came out dark but with no burnt smell. I will say normal state after 20,000 km/2year. New oil (yes, the right one Rover-MG, right temperature, right level). Same problem.
Second; solenoids ohms value review. Non out of range.
Third; reverse clutch piston removal operation and inspection, no cracks.

Yes no cracks but the condition on the reverse piston is a little…. (one picture says more than thousand words).

Please take your time and review my attached PDF, and feel free to give any advise on my actual situation.

Meanwhile I´ll be doing the timing belt change….

PD: My apologies for my english...

Best regards
Joel Antonio

Segovia, Spain.
Rover 75 2001 KV6 2.5 auto.

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I'm not familiar with the inside of the autobox, and there's no information in the workshop manual.

I wonder if a small piece of metal came of that clutch plate and caused the problems. Very unusual wear marks for sure.

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joel antonio
Hi Kandyman:

Thank you for the information, I´ll give them a call.

Joel Antonio.

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