760w Zippy Redundant Server PSU by Mad-Monkey

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Quick heads up really as a few people on here are into the PC's business wise, as well as personal. I have the above PSU for sale, cost £565 new. Only a few months old, fully working, £450 for anyone on here. I also have the Chenbro 313 case brackets for the PSU which were an additional £30 but you can have them for free if you pay by cash of Bank Transfer, £20 if not.

P&P £10 insured.

It is unboxed but if anyone has order Zippy Products before then they'll know you literally get an unmarked brown box with a PSU inside and thats it!!

You'll need 3x 3pin kettle type leads to plug it in.

Posted 06 Sep 2010, 11:23 #1